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Workshops for dancers 

Are you a dancer and looking for the perfect way to develop your passion? Or are you just starting to learn to dance? You will certainly be interested in our workshops for dancers. Classes are based on useful and extremely precise knowledge - from how to use your talents and turn them into dance, to preparation for castings and working with the camera - and practical exercises. 

We conduct trainings in an extremely experienced duo - 
professional choreographer + creative industry mentor. Both novice dancers and professionals will benefit from our workshops. We run them on two levels: 


  • open - classes based on learning to dance for all levels, including beginners. In addition, the ability to improvise dance, which we develop on This course accelerates the learning of dance for every dancer, regardless of the style of dance

  • PRO- workshops for experienced dancers who want to treat or already treat their passion as a profession

All classes are personalized to ensure the desired outcomes for each participant. As a result, we can boast thatBoldMove workshops for dancers are a safe space for learning and experimenting. See below how we can help you develop in your passion.


#open #all #levels

  • How to enrich your dance and make it expressive


  • How to use your talents unique features and resources


  • How to identify and remove  creative blocks to speed up dance learning


  • How to build your awareness body on a much deeper level

#PRO #advanced #dancers

  • How to prepare for dance theater castings i music videos


  • Who are they and what do people pay attention to at various stages of selection and creation of the show

  • How to memorize choreography fasterand acting expression


  • How to work with the camera vs. performance on stage in front of the audience

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