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Practical and effective business consulting 

I have many years of experience in managing projects, teams and processes, e.g. in the areas of marketing, communication, sales, IT, finance and HR, thanks to which I can help you and your company (regardless of industry and size). 

mentor w Krakowie Monika Gawinecka_edyto

Business Consulting

Why worth it?

Both business, culture and the creative industry need a strategy, plan and specific knowledge and tools.


Thanks to my vast knowledge and experience, I can effectively help you in the following areas:

  • Designing solutions and changes in the business model

  • Operational consulting

  • Strategy, planning and business development

  • Marketing, PR, personal branding

  • Effective teams

  • Employer brand and employee engagement

  • CSR programs 

For whom?

I especially recommend you to work with me:

  • When opening a new company

  • When changing the scale of business activity

  • During rapid changes in the market environment

  • Before a strategically significant decision (e.g. new services, change of sales strategy, entering a new customer segment)

  • Before changing the ownership structure or reorganizing

  • When problems and challenges arise in an existing business with management, employee motivation or recruitment

  • When planning an employer brand strategy and building an employee engagement program

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