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Mentoring - application and advantages

In Poland, mentoring is still quite a novelty. Meanwhile in the world aWith70% of Fortune 500 companiesuses mentoring as a method of development for its employees. Mentoring is more of a partnership approach to finding solutions than coaching.


Some large companies in Poland have their own mentoring programs between employees. I fill the gap where there is no such program or you are simply looking for someone from outside your environment who could become your mentor. Bring a fresh and different perspective.

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Mentoring and coaching - similarities and differences

One of the fundamental differences between mentoring and coaching is that the mentor not only asks questions, but also actively helps the mentee find answers. It provides him with knowledge and shares his practical experience when he misses an important opportunity or risk in his search.

On the other hand, mentoring is a more personal and relationship-oriented form of cooperation than business consultinge. 


Working with a mentor is a great way to develop your competences and provide great support on the way to your dream goal.

Business mentoring - how to find a good mentor?

Create a list of potential mentors

If you are part of a larger organization, it is worth looking around for a mentor internally. Make a list of people, that you are currently following. Think about why this is happening: maybe you identify with their career path, way of thinking and achieving goals and values. You may be asking yourself "how did they achieve/do this?". Someone who has already been where you are going, or someone who naturally inspires you, is a good place to start to build a list of potential mentors.

However, a mentor coming directly from the environment in which you currently operate is not the only option. Often where you are going and what you want to achieve beyond the environment, w which you are currently staying.That is why it is worth using the help and services of an external mentor. be Maybe Your list should include people who have knowledge, successes (but also important - they are not afraid to talk about failures!) in the subject, which is important to you at this stage of life.  

What should a good mentor be like?

However, not every person you admire is automatically a good mentor. It is worth knowing and using specific techniques of building relationships and cooperation between the mentor and the mentee. This was also the case in my case: I noticed that, among other things,mentoring training The Bhr Organization Ltd i CoachWiseand of course years of work as a mentor within international corporations and as an external mentor, they allow me to help my mentee better, broader and more effectively. 

A good mentor is someone who constantly learns, develops, and also draws a lot of knowledge and conclusions from  relationship with your mentee!

Individual metoring meetings: trust your intuition 

First meetings with a mentor of your choice is the so-called calibration period. This is the time for your personal and real verification whether the mentor's competences, personality and manner of communication build a sense of trust in you. Honesty, dialogue and a clear framework of what you want to work on with a mentor are the basis for the success of a mentoring relationship.  


choosing for yourself mentor, focus not only on similarities between you.  


Good i effective mentor often looks at situations from a perspective that may not have occurred to you before.


One of the goals (and successes) of mentoring is thatwrap your potential. In order for this to happen, you must discoveries limiting you beliefs, and then, with the help of a mentor, expand your "field of vision" with new options, solutions and possibilities.

How can I help you by being your mentor?

Why worth it?

For whom?

To start making changes in your life, all you need is self-awareness and a willingness to develop. Just so much and so much.  But the road to the goal itself is not necessarily short and straight. Specific knowledge, a companion and an experienced advisor will be useful on this journey.

This is where meetings can come in handy mentoringwith me. 


Online mentoring is one-on-one sessions where I share my dobenefit, including on communication, leadership, management and development of your business. 

But most of all, we work on expanding your knowledge, skills and competences.


I especially recommend you to work with me if:

  • professional development consultations: from an expert you become a group leader and you want to develop your managerial or leadership competences;

  • working with a mentor: you work in a creative or sports profession and want to achieve business goals in line with your talents;

  • business mentoring: you are looking for someone who will help you take a fresh look at the problem you are facing in your department or company;

  • personal development is your priority right now. You want to understand your inner motivators better and change the habits that are currently harmful to you.

Mentoring - how many sessions are beneficial?

The number of online mentoring meetings, the duration and frequency of consultations is tailored to your needs and the goal you want to achieve.  


Business mentoring, during which you want to work out a specific problem or short-term goal together with me as your mentor. 

Work on changing your beliefs, fundamental change in your professional or artistic life, supporting your development as a leader - usually require more sessions and time (between them) for deeper reflection, implementation of changes, joint discussion of the results.

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