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Reiss Motivation Profile scientific test of intrinsic motivation

Measuring your motivation

Work motivation or motivation downscience... Motivation for serious changes in life... Or maybe you are looking for motivation to diet,playing sports or saving regularly?


Reiss Motivation Profile® (RMP) will paint a picture of your intrinsic motivation and  Your natural motivators that can support you in these goals.  


Interpretation of RMP test results

After execution personality test according to research and methodology of Steven Reiss and his research team, you will receive a comprehensive written report from me discussing the results. 


In addition, a consultation with me (a certified RMP Master) will specifically show how to interpret its results, taking into account your personal goals and needs.


I will help you determine what small or large changes are worth implementing to easier persevere in your resolutions while maintaining a high level of energy and motivation!

Reiss Motivation Profile test ® is the best life and professional compass. It gives you an insight into what drives you, but also allows you to understand the secrets of the inner motivation of others.

With my help you will take the Reiss Motivation Profile personality test®and you will get your individual results in the area of 16 motivators and you will better understand how they affect your life, work and relationships with other people!

Reiss Motivation Profile przykład.png

What is the Reiss Motivation Profile® (RMP) test?

Mapping personality test
your motivation

For whom?

Reiss Motivation Profile® (RMP) or so-called The Reiss Motivational Profile is the best psychometric tool I've come across.

This is the result of many years of research work by prof. Stephen Reiss and his team, supported by analyzes performed on many thousands of respondents from around the world.

Your individual motivational profile helps determine which path you should take to achieve your goal. 


This test determines the individual intensity of 16 key areas - motivators, the scale of which is unique for each person like our DNA. This allows you to better understand what types of tasks and goals will be most motivating for you or your employees.

By knowing your inner needs and following them, you are motivated and happy, and you get better results and more satisfaction from what you do.


Reiss Motivation Profile® helps to understand people who have extremely different values of a given motivator than we do.


The RMP test makes us aware that the person has different priorities or goals and a different way to achieve them.


This is especially important knowledge for a leader. It has been known for a long time that external motivators have a short-term effect, while internal motivation is like a perpetual motion machine. When you better understand the internal motivators of individual members of your team and learn to use them, you get a much wider (and more effective!) "arsenal" of resources that will inspire your team to act.

Reiss Motivation Profile® made in pairs allows partners to better understand each other's needs in a relationship, differences in behavior and communication style.

The Reiss Motivational Profile is extremely versatile and will deepen your self-awareness in all areas of your life!

I am a certified Reiss Motivation Profile®

Master. Through me you can order a test with a report. I will also conduct an individual discussion of the results and a workshop on motivators responding to the specific needs of your organization.

​For you

  • you have trouble achieving your goals and you are looking for a way to deal with this problem

  • you want to learn how to better plan your career path and make better life choices

  • you want to understand your individual talents and predispositions that particularly strongly motivate you to act

  • you want to learn to better understand your loved ones and professional partners 

​For team and company

  • an ideal tool to build an organizational culture based on management by Motivation 3.0

  • used in recruitment, for the development of management staff, key talents and entire teams

  • you want to better assign tasks, effectively build and motivate a team 

  • you are looking for a way to better understand what combination of motivators in your group can give rise to conflicts and which ones will help you achieve success 

Sample result of the individual Reiss Motivation Profile test®(RMP)

You order the Reiss Motivation Profile test from me®. I generate an individual link for you that allows you to perform it on a special, fully encrypted online platform for RMP tests.In the Reiss Motivation Profile test® you answer 128 questions/statements that help map your individual intensity of 16 motivators. The entire test process will take you about 20-25 minutes.

Jakie 16 obszarow motywacji bada Reiss M

You don't just get a Reiss Motivation Profile test result®(RMP). you get yesWithand a comprehensive report.

To fully understand the individual result of the intensity of your motivators - you receive a comprehensive report. It discusses in detail the methodology of the study, how to read the results of the motivation test.  Then it describes what exactly your individual score means,  that appeared on your test - indicates your strengths.  And also, Reiss Motivation Profile report® describes what behaviors are natural for you, what motivates you the most, in what work environment and mutual reactions you thrive.


The report also identifies hot spots and potential differences in the perception of oneself and others with diametrically different scores on a given motivator.

Download an excerpt from a sample Reiss Motivation Profile report®(RMP)

What is the overview of the Reiss Motivation Profile test results® with RMP Master?

The Reiss Motivation Profile ® is more than a personality test and written report. It is primarily the knowledge and experience of RMP Master how to thoroughly interpret these results and how they affect our life choices, professional behavior, and the dynamics of interpersonal relationships. I am a certified RMP Master, so by taking the Reiss Motivational Profile test through me, you gain much more.

You gain the opportunity to discuss the results individually, reflect together and get personalized guidance on how to use them in the implementation of plans. I will show you how these results can support you or your team w long-term motivationon the way to the destination.

Due to the current pandemic situation, all so-called feedback conversations (i.e. discussing the profile) You will determine, they take place by phone or via skype.

You don't know yet if you want to do it nowc motivation test Reiss Motivation Profile®?

It's okay, I understand.  Perhaps you know perfectly well what strongly motivates you to act and, most importantly, what allows you to maintain this motivation for a long time. congratulations! :-)  

It is also worth getting to know the motivators and preferences of other people.  Remember, what motivates and makes you happy, e.g. in terms of the way you work, how you spend your time, your communication style, does not necessarily motivate others...

In order to prevent unnecessary misunderstandings, effectively motivate not only yourself, but also others, it is important to better understand their point of view.  

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