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Do you want to win the audition for "Got Talent"?
Or are you interested in working in the entertainment industry or on stage?

Whether you're looking to get into a popular talent show or pursue a career in the entertainment industry, you're likely to have a lot of castings ahead of you. During the I W Dance PRO classes, we prepare dancers to present their skills in front of the jury and teach them how to turn their passion into a profession. During the workshop, we help you understand the process of casting for dance performances, musicals or music videos. We show how to prepare for them to increase your chances of being selected for a given artistic project. We show how to work with the music video crew and the camera, and how to perform live in front of the audience. roles.


We teach techniques to remember choreography faster and react to changes in the script and production. We show how to work with facial expressions and acting expressions in dance. We discuss ways to control stage fright and stress.

  • Workshops are conducted by a duo of teachers  guaranteeing preparation from the artistic and commercial side

  • Lots of exercise and space to practice


  • Video recordings for further analysis


  • Personalized tips and advice


  • Possibility of further individual consultations and for a specific project



  • Stages of casting - what matters in each of them

  • Appearance and personality - how to expose it


  • Solo preparation for a music video - help and advice


  • On the set - what the creative process looks like, how to quickly remember the choreography and give it the right expression


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