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My professional beginnings are marketing and communication, and for over 10 years I have also been teaching managers (and not only!) how to be an effective and charismatic leader. 

Od many lat I manage marketing, PR, brand creation and repositioning, sales and recruitment processes. successfully I was a leader even for IT analysis teams and financial markets.


The key to my success? I have always had a great need for creativity and unconventional, empathetic looking worldwide. That is why I am a mentor and conduct trainings in communication, creativity, innovation, emotional intelligence not only for the business world, but also for artists.

mentor w Krakowie Monika Gawinecka_edyto

Monika Gawinecki

Who am I

Usually my role is to prepare others for change. Communication is at the heart of everything I do. I translate it into leadership, project management, goal setting, marketing, building an authentic brand and image. After all, even the internal dialogue we have with ourselves is a kind of message. Positive, bright and solution-oriented. Or the opposite: confusing, negative, leading nowhere.


My passions are: neurobiology, psychology of creativity, dance, cooking and interior design. I also love traveling - I hunt with a camera and a fork for unforgettable places, moments and flavors. I believe that creativity is not a gift, but just... a muscle - used, it develops and helps us move in every area of life.


Together with dance, a fascination with the practices of creative work of artists and methods of teamwork in artistic environments appeared in my life. For example, how the choreographer "manages" the dance formation. And how much a manager could learn from him. And vice versa: how much work and communication techniques in business teams can be translated into work in the creative sector. 

INdo you like a typical CV? have a look atmy LinkedIn profile.

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