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Offer for business

MENTORING meetings

Why worth it?

Both business, culture and the creative industry need a strategy, plan and specific knowledge and tools.


I can help you effectively in the following areas:

  • Change of profession or business model

  • Operational consulting

  • Strategy, planning and business development

  • Marketing strategy, PR, personal brand

  • Development as a leader and manager

  • Employer brand, employee engagement and CSR programs

  • Development of creativity and innovation

For whom?

I especially recommend you to work with me:

  • When you are starting your own business 

  • When the scale of your business is changing rapidly

  • During rapid changes in the market environment

  • Before a strategically significant decision (e.g. new services, change of sales strategy, entering a new customer segment)

  • Before changing the ownership structure or reorganizing

  • When problems and challenges arise in an existing business with management, employee motivation or recruitment

  • When planning an employer brand strategy and building an employee engagement program

I help you look at yourself and the company from a different perspective.
I give an impulse for further development.


"Monika is the best guide and advisor in the field of improvements, "looking wider" and unconventional solutions. 

If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have my fresh website. 

In addition to her amazing, broad knowledge and intuition (which, in my opinion, is the basis for working with people), she has additional skills to develop all the strengths of her clients. 

Especially the ones they don't know about ;) "

Daria, Poznan
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