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Dance workshops on improvisation, artistic development and creativity for dance schools in Krakow and more!

"JA w Tańca - Open" is a series of movement improvisation and artistic development workshops for dancersevery level of advancement.Workshops ideal for dance schools - in Krakow and not only, as well as dance formations and acting groups wishing to develop stage movement. A unique formula: the common feature of each class is developmentcreativityandbody awarenessand at the same time, each lesson emphasizes a different dimension of building a dancer's personality and workshop: expressing emotions, conscious contact with the audience or the camera, personality vs. image, looking for an individual movement style and many more...

Improwizacja taneczna warsztaty Krakow.j

  • Under our supervision, you will go through exercises that develop the ability to improvise and creative approach to dance.

  • You will deepen your contact with your body, learn to trust its impulses and messages.

  • You will learn the basics of the psychology of creativity and the methods that artists use when looking for new solutions in the creative process.


We run our workshops mainly in dance schools in Krakow, but we definitely do not limit ourselves to them! You can use our services throughout Poland. 
To create the best conditions for experiments and explorations, we work in small groups. This ensures that we can give each participant the right amount of attention and give individual, personalized guidance during exercises and explorations.

Dance improvisation workshops - is it worth coming and when?

Okay, the title is a bit tricky. There is only one answer: yes, it is worth coming to dance improvisation workshops.Always.No matter how long and how well you dance.  


Benefits?Well beyond dance. The ability to improvise, practiced in one area of life, gives us freedom and greater flexibility in creating new ideas and solutions in other areas too! That's why it's worth signing up for, whatever the reason.


We could end this post here.

But but ... if the answer to the question of whether it is worth improvising is always the same(YES! Yes! And again: YES!), this is the reason and purpose for which you come to our dance improvisation workshops - they can be different.

Here are the 4 most common reasons:

"I want to feel joy and freedom in dancing"

I want to feel more myself in dance. I want to feel joy and freedom. But something is blocking me. I want my dance to become light and free. 


Fantastic! This is a great reason to come to our dance improvisation workshops. Just remember one thing, please: improvisation is a state in which plans and expectations should… fail. If they enter the room, they may prevent you from achieving what you care about most.  


To this place it is better to take with you: curiosity and openness to the new and unknown.  We cordially invite you and wish you fantastic fun!!! Whatever happens, you're DEFINITELY on the right track - improvisation (once you get a little familiar with it) will give you what you're looking for!

"I want the choreography I create to be fresh and more imaginative"

This is also a great reason to go to our dance improvisation workshops. There is no place for routine here. Instead, our workshops are a safe environment for experimentation and self-examination: what blocks me and what supports me when generating new ideas.  


Plus, a mega bonus - because we play with very different qualities of movement and emotions, our dance improvisation workshops will significantly expand your movement repertoire and artistic expression.

"I'm going to a dance competition, and one of the categories is dance improvisation"

For those who don't knowin competition it is REALLY like that: you get the music, you get the theme, you get to dance. Already, now, immediately. You may not like the music, you may not like the topic. The judges don't care. Because the essence of improvisation is to express yourself, taking into account external circumstances. Considering NOT to get sucked in by them.


These workshops will perfectly prepare you mentally to participate in this category of dance competitions. During the workshops, we set various interesting challenges and development tasks for participants: reaction time, the ability to improvise and generate movement that WILL NOT be a copy of what you dance in other categories of competitions.


This is a place without the pressure of ratings and rankings. Instead: hints and comments.

"I was driven here by curiosity and the desire to try something new. I'm just doing it for myself. I'm just going to have a great time."

And this last sentence is the key to success here: if you come with a light heart, openness, without pressure and too much focus on very precise and rigid results, then ... you will probably benefit greatly from these workshops! :-)  


It's not our idea.Virtually all specialists dealing with  socalled. "psychology of creativity* confirm: Creativity (and that's what improvisation really is) works best when you can let go and activate such positive feelings characteristic of a carefree and fun state.  Seems to be simple, but unfortunately, recalling such a state in adult life, where we are still subject to certain patterns and assessment - sometimes becomes extremely complicated for us. 

Our everyday life does not always create an environment conducive to creativity. That's why we're doing these workshops.

Using e.g. knowledge of the psychology of creativity, neurobiology and experience from the dance floor, we have created for you the program "Me in dance" Open level - workshops on dance improvisation and artistic development.


Regardless of what reason brought you to these workshops, we want you to have a place where you develop, practice and consolidate this state of lightness in which joy and passion dominate in us, not internal criticism and external pressure.


By regularly attending our dance improvisation workshops, you will find it easier to enter a creative state. A state in which it is easier and faster to use your natural resources of creativity (which everyone has!).  

In those moments when you need it. And for whatever purpose you desire. Not only in dance.

See you in the hall!!😃

*PS I don't know if you know, but one of the most outstanding specialists in the field of creativity psychology teaches at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. This is Professor Edward Nęcka.  You don't have to study at the Jagiellonian University to get some knowledge from the professor.  He did a great lecture on the psychology of creativity available online from time to time here


For geeks like us who love to expand their own knowledge - honey. 10 lectures that will make many autumn and winter evenings more pleasant with their length and detail 😁 


For the less persistent - we invite you to our workshops for practical conclusions 😄

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